Learning Pattern Conflicts and Bias

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My boyfriend John has a very high use first confluence and technical reasoning pattern. While he is able to call on precision and sequence as needed he mostly avoids using those patterns. John is a man a few words, when asked a question you rarely get more than a one word answer in response. He is very handy and prefers manual labor to reading and writing. Having a use first technical reasoning pattern, he also works best on his own. Through years of experience he has acquired the ability to disassemble and reassemble computers without any formal training. He is also capable enough to repair any problem that arises in the house, such as plumbing issues and general construction repairs. John has a watch and learn outlook, he does not read directions or ask for help. If he needs assistance and there is a video demonstration, he will watch the task in question enacted on the presentation and figure out how to do it on his own from then on. A great example of how he uses confluence and technical reasoning at a use first level is when we recently painted our apartment. We planned this job...

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