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Learning Different Languages When I look back to my life, it was really long ago when I started to read and write the first language which was Gujarati. I know few languages such as: Gujarati, Hindi, English, and Spanish. I struggled with reading when I started to learn Gujarati after learning first language, it became easier for me to learn how to read other languages. After mastering the first and second languages it became easier for me to me learn how to write and read other languages. My sister was the first one who exposed me with how to write and read Gujarati first then I learned more in school. One of my teacher named Mrs. Rashmika in India she was the first one to teach me Hindi when I was in third grade then, Mr. Kalal is the one who taught me English first when I was in fourth grade. Spanish is the last language that I began learning it with Ms. Holmes in eighth grade. First, I started to write and read Gujarati since I was about four years old because it was my native language. My sister is the person who taught me how to write and read alphabets of Gujarati. We didn’t have any preschool for kids where I lived, we directly go to kindergarten so my sister was like a teacher for me until I did not start the school. To motivate me my sister would give me treats if I write or read the alphabets correct. She also gave me punishments when I did not write or read the alphabets correctly. If I read or write any letter of alphabets wrong, I had to write that for ten or times which helped me remember those alphabets. Ultimately, my school year started and I was excited to go to school. My teacher started to teach alphabets in the class and I was so happy that I knew the alphabets already. Afterwards, I started to learn how to ... ... middle of paper ... ...i,” and everyone including the student who asked the question sits in a chair. One of the rule is that if you are sitting in a chair, one needs to move at least one chair away not the next one in the circle. If the student from the circle who was not tapped by the teacher was asked a question then, the student answers the question asked by the student standing. This game was really fun to play and everyone in my class enjoyed it. Overall, my experience of getting familiar with writing and reading different languages was really good and fun. One of the first language I learned was Gujarati then, Hindi, English, and last one is Spanish. Learning all these three languages were extremely fun with different teachers. It is always really cool to be able to write and read in different languages. I always loved learning new languages. How many languages can you write and rea
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