Learning From Past Presidents

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PAPA 501 6/8/10 As time passes it brings about the coming and going of the Presidents of the United States. It is important to learn from our past Presidents and take heed toward their future warnings, while embracing the demands of the current age. From the farewell address given by our first President George Washington, to the intentional policies of the current Administration, similarities and clear differences resonate throughout the administrations. President George Washington gave his farewell address to a growing nation, a nation that had hope for the future. With that hope it was in his address he attempted to warn the nation of perils that would fall upun them if the nessassacery precautions were not given enough attention. He placed special concern on the nation’s issues of national debt and foreign policy. President Washington found it be in the interest of the national debt to always protect the public credit. To use the credit as least as possible by keeping times of peace to avoid spending. To you the nation’s money to prepare for the event of national concern over time, instead of dispersing large sums in individual events, this would help to decrease the accumulation of debt. Even more, take advantage of times of peace to pay down the national debt occurred by unavoidable expenses. It is also of the up most importance to not burden the future with the debt occurred of the time, so to pay down the debts it must be nessassacery to tax to produce revenue to pay off outstanding debt. Along with the requirement of attention to the national debt was also the Presidents concern on foreign policy. The President remarked on the importance to always keep a watchful eye on the jealousy that unfree nations harbo... ... middle of paper ... ... diversion of our core American values. President Obama is also urging that policies have the support of Congress on a bipartisan level ensuring effectiveness for the policies. It is also laid out in his foreign policy to be a nation who will be prepared to listen and talk with advisories to open doors that promote peace along with communication. Throughout the history of our nation we have seen the coming and going of Presidents. Presidents like George Washington who laid the foundation for future Presidential polices to come. As those polices where once laid out the next Presidential Administration came along and adapted them to bring about what they thought the appropriate fit for the country was at the time. The policies of our past Presidents can be compared and contrasted, but always leading to the common goal of a more united and prosperous nation.
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