Learning Environment Essay

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Intervention: Personalize the learning environment and instructional process. Description: Creating a personal learning environment helps establish a community with the students and all stakeholders. It provides a better learning experience and allows the students to enjoy school more. It helps them academically, socially, and behaviorally in the school setting. If we can adjust the school’s setting to be more individualized for students we can help meet their individual needs. This strategy will help foster relationships between students and teachers so they can gain a lasting relationship. This strategy would use more one on one instruction to help learn more about how the student learns and gain relationships by spending more time individually. Website link: Research that supports the intervention: “Reforms aimed at creating smaller school environments have been found to be associated with more positive student achievement, school climate, school attendance, and graduation rates. More specifically, a review of research by the National Research Council on effective schools and…show more content…
“Despite the promising effects of efforts to personalize the learning environment by including features such as team teaching or school-within-a-school, the panel was unable to disentangle the effects of these specific components to determine the impact of the specific practice on dropping out, which resulted in the “moderate” evidence rating.” (Dynarski, 2008, pg. 30) This could be utilized in our school and be effective. We have a small learning community with resources to help make learning more individualized. We also have staff available to team teach and help meet the needs and interests of the students, but we don’t utilize it. We need to push the students to achieve more because they are not getting a big enough push at
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