Learning Disabilities: The Impact on the Family

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Life is an ever-changing structure as beings naturally grow to new levels. Development in the respective physical and mental capacities is an important aspect for humans. People typically form in a cycle that is customary to their specific cultural norm, through the developmental approach. However, there is a large part of the population that deviates for the average development of a person. Deviations can form from many different ranges of physical and mental disabilities. In studying disabilities, researchers were able to identify the characteristics, causation, diagnosis, intervention and treatment for those who have different needs. A learning disability is a neurological disorder that causes the individual to seek additional assistance in reaching their full potential. When a child is diagnosed with a learning disability, the child’s life is altered from the original plan that their parents have for them. The family of the child with a learning disability must adapt to fit their child or sibling’s needs. There is a difference for mothers and fathers as they assume their new lives. No one expects for his or her loved one to have a disability but through natural and formal support the individual can have a full life that meets his or her level of development. It is a difficult time of adjustment for the child but the family also feels the impact of the child’s new life. There are stages that a family goes through as they come to terms with this adaptation. The family must take on new roles of support by working with the community and the child’s school to accommodate the child’s unique strengths. Everyone who is involved must take on more responsibilities while still maintaining the family structure.
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... child’s performance while the parent finally accepts their son or daughter’s abilities. Families have to constantly encourage the child to learn even as they face adversity. The family must also be aware of themselves because working with a learning disability can be taxing. Parents are accountable for their other children, work and maintaining the home. It is important for the family to seek help for other support sources. Fortunately, when a child has a learning disability, the family is not alone because the school is also obligated to working to meet the child’s needs. The family works with the school to create an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). This is a unique contract that all parties agree on as they strive toward the established goals. The child’s abilities are evaluated annually to ensure that the IEP is properly working for all members. (NLCD, 2013)
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