Learning Autonomy Essay

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Learning Autonomy in Vocabulary Development for ELLs (English Language Learners)
Institutional Affiliation: In fostering learning autonomy in vocabulary development for ELLs, teachers require several adjustments that can help embrace the change that will affect the students learning process. Understanding learning autonomy is the first step to knowing how to foster the development of vocabulary for students. Additional tools are helpful in successfully fostering autonomy. Teachers are responsible for creating a curriculum that provides all necessary information on the subject of English. Learning autonomy can be effected through proper curriculum development that will guide learners on the right path of developing their vocabulary.
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From the word autonomy, it is simple to understand that this learning process will require the personal initiative of the learner. The question that may linger in many learners mind is whether they will have the practical value of the curriculum to which they should follow. Additionally, many wonder whether through autonomy they will grasp all they are required to and whether they will have the proper knowledge regarding the English language. The interesting fact about this research is that it offers a solution to teachers guiding students on how to conduct their own studies. Additionally, the idea of leaner autonomy has a nice ring to it, denoting that the student has freedom and independence to study on his or her own as guided by the curriculum that the teacher provides. Autonomy in learning vocabularies allows room for creativity and imagination on the learner’s part. In essence, there is a lot that an individual can do given the opportunity to discover language on his or her own ways. With the help of the teachers, learner autonomy can be the best process to use to improve the vocabulary development of
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