Learning A Foreign Language: Why Is A Second Language?

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Why is a Second Language?
Do not be educated! It is true that learning another language takes time and dedication. Also, people think that learning a foreign language leads to confusion in the brain, and they do not know that the brain grows more while they attempt to acquire a different language. Moreover, being bilingual is helpful for improving listening skills because the brain works harder than usual and it has to distinguish diverse sorts of sounds in two or more languages. In addition, learning another language leads to the development of the primary language, since attention is drawn to the abstract rules and structure of language. Currently, the number of benefits of being bilingual is uncountable. When people start being fluent in a second language, they can have incredible opportunities and benefits.
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However, this idea is wrong because when the brain starts seeing things in different ways, the brain drives the person to have the passion of discovering anything in the life. People’s brains are not equal because each one has specific way of thinking and observing which the way of thinking helps the brain to learn any language in short time. Therefore, learning another language helps to improve the first language because the brain becomes more sensitive with listening and speaking skills. For instance, Winsler, A et al (1999), "When Learning a Second Language Does Not Mean Losing" states that people in communities who speak English will not lose their language when they learn French, because they use English to communicate with other people more than French . There is no way of losing the first language because languages depend on communities, where the person lives, and with people speak with. In summary, corresponding with other individuals as far and wide as possible and attempting to find their way of life can be effortlessly done by examining their
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