Leaonardo Da Vinci and Matisse

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The world boasts of producing some of the best artists from time immemorial. Some of these artists maintain some peculiar artistic features which have continued to make them more relevant. This is a sure caricature that art is able to stand the test of time indeed. A careful look at some of the greatest artists reveals that their artistic works bear some semblance especially in the themes and ideological positions. Some of the greatest artists of their times were Matisse and Leonardo Da Vinci. This paper thus aims at finding out the similarities and differences in the artistic works of both Leonardo and Metisse bearing in mind the overlap and discrepancy in time frame within which the two artists lived. Leonardo Da Vinci was born around 1452 and died in 1519. Throughout his life time, he was a painter, architect, musician, a sculptor, geologist, cartographer, mathematician, engineer, inventor, botanist, anatomist, and a prolific writer who enjoyed using words and paintings to describe his artistic works. All these features used to describe Leonardo shows that he was indeed an Italian polymath whose personality and intelligence were immeasurable. During his prime years in his career, Leonardo was regarded as a genius and a figure whose works epitomized the Renaissance humanistic ideal (Simona, 46). Just like Leonardo, Matisse, another painter, was born in1869 in France, much later after the death of Leonardo Da Vinci. He studied and got a degree in law before becoming an artist. In order to realize his ambition of being one of the greatest artists the world has ever produced, he was diligent and spent most of his time learning a lot from some of the best artists during that time. One of the artists Matisse copied much of his painti... ... middle of paper ... ...yed from generation to generation are those whose works contain appealing artistic attributes such as figures in landscapes, interior portraits and views and use of dazzling colors and embellished forms which articulate emotions. Works cited Simona, Cremante (2005). Leonardo da Vinci: Artist, Scientist, Inventor. Giunti Sherwin, Nuland (2001). Leonardo Da Vinci. Phoenix Press. Frank, Zollner (2003). Leonardo da Vinci: The Complete Paintings and Drawings. Taschen. Charles, Nicholl (2005). Leonardo da Vinci, The Flights of the Mind. Penguin. Myers, Terry R. (July–August 2010). "Matisse-on-the-Move". The Brooklyn Rail. Alastair, Wright. Matisse and the Subject of Modernism Princeton, Princeton University Press, 2006. Spurling, Hilary (2000). The Unknown Matisse: A Life of Henri Matisse: The Early Years, 1869–1908. University of California Press, 2001
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