Lean Six Sigma Analysis

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Lean and Six Sigma are two methodologies that industries use that rely on the improvement of performance by removing waste and reducing variation in the manufacturing processes. Sometimes industries pay their employees to take a Lean Six Sigma course to better improve the company's performance and make profit. However, some companies think Lean Six Sigma have no effect whatsoever in their process. Through this research, the effectiveness of Lean Six Sigma will be questioned and it will be shown whether if it improves performance in organizations and to what magnitude does it improve it. First off, to question the effectiveness of Lean Six Sigma we have to understand what it is. What exactly is Lean Six Sigma? Lean Six Sigma is a combination of two potential methods that improve processes in industries: Lean and Six Sigma. Lean targets value through the elimination of waste and the acceleration of the processes; value consists of everything that is important for the customer, that is, everything that the costumer is willing to pay for. In an industry, every activity that does not add any value to the product is considered waste. In manufacturing, defects in the product, overproduction, wasted time during the manufacture of product, non-used talent in employees, unnecessary transportation, unnecessary activities during process, holding inventory and working more than needed are considered as waste. On the other hand, Six Sigma targets defects in a process. It attempts to eliminate defects in a systematically approach to improve quality until there are the least defects possible in a manufacturing process of a product or service. Lean Six Sigma can be seen as an expert boxer that receives random punches left and right from its... ... middle of paper ... ...atistically speaking, it was not possible to prove that an organization that applied it did not benefit from Lean Six Sigma. However, it was possible to determine the reasons why organizations do not use it. The main reason why Lean Six Sigma is not being applied in organizations is because they have no knowledge of its benefits, not because they have attempted to apply it and statistically prove that Lean Six Sigma is not worth the invest. From this investigation, it can be declared with the almost of confidence that Lean Six Sigma is beneficial in grandiose proportions for any organization that apply it, as seen with General Electric, since the nature of Lean Six Sigma is to reach a 99.9997% quality in a process, meaning that only 3.4 defects per million operations. If a 99.9997% quality is not reached, then it cannot be considered as Six Sigma in all its nature.
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