Lean And Processs And Activities In Education Case Study

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6. Lean and processes/activities in education Education is an expression that is used to comprehensively describe the system of processes involved in providing and supporting the development of knowledge, skills and conclusions by a student or a group of students. In fact, the processes for which an individual is responsible define each position in education from a student to a manager. Educational processes include teaching and learning, research and development, curriculum design, training and scheduling, program and administration courses, examination and results, rewarding and awarding diplomas, etc. It is certain that the challenge for education administrators, faculties and staff is to accept the need to improve the processes and benefits…show more content…
He proved that students can quickly learn basic Lean principles, tools and practices and increase this knowledge by applying it in a joint effort to significantly improve university administrative processes. In essence, many authors in the field of Lean education have dealt with administrative activities, such as the process of changing grades and designing courses, disregarding the core processes such as learning (teaching, assessment), research, etc. Among them are Svenson et al.. (2015) which stand out that auxiliary processes at the university (such as administration, finance, procurement and IT) must be effectively organized to provide students, researchers and faculty with the necessary support to become outstanding. Balzer et al.. (2015) call for the creation of culture that challenges all employees to continuously improve university processes and empower them to find and repair bad processes wherever encounter them. Nevertheless, despite such examples of success, it is important to point out that for the successful implementation of Lean principles in educational processes the challenge is certainly in managing change. This applies to both students and faculty staff because they accept the need and benefits of continuous improvement of processes and respect for people. Sinha and Mishra (2013) have proved that Lean principles used in educational institutions have led to improved teaching and learning, as basic academic processes, but also enabled cost savings, better employee performances, job satisfaction, and overall improvement in the organizational

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