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Leadership is an intangible quality found in people that can make a serious difference in an organization and have tangible results. This paper will be about me, and will be another step in my development as a leader. Most of the topics talked about in this essay come from the various readings done during the semester, my own life experiences, and from the different lessons taught during the lecture of this course. There are a number of lessons that I learned this year that have stuck with me and most likely will for a long time. Before this class I didn’t exactly take the time to focus on myself as a leader. This paper is to reflect on myself and on those lessons learned throughout my life. The paper will start off with section A discussing who I am as a leader, and will describe my comprehensive leadership style with examples from specific situations. Section B of the essay will be about me, and what I believe as a leader. This essay will be a fantastic way to learn about myself as a leader, and a great way for the reader to get a better understanding of who I am.
Not everybody has the same leadership style, and some styles of leadership work better in certain situations than others. For the most part, I thought I knew what kind of leader I was coming into this class. However, I did not know when to use a certain type of leadership style or what type of people that style would be effective on. I liked to think that I was flexible and that I could change to accommodate any kind of leadership style that would work. In this section of the essay I will be going over various points brought up by going over my scorecard. I will go over my specific leadership personality and the description of my leadership styles. I thought I knew ...

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.... Building off of this, I have the tendency to create friendship, trust, and warmth between groups. I also have a high tendency to find a very organized and structured way to get a job done. Despite this, I don’t consider myself the most charismatic leader because of the fact that I can be quite an introvert at times. I believe this is due partly because of my low self-esteem when compared to other VMI cadets. I am extremely confident sometimes, but I will have stretches when I am not confident about anything. This is most definitely a weakness. I would always go through slumps in high school. I am working on being much more consistent. As a leader, my slumps can affect other people, not just myself.
According to the multifactor leadership questionnaire, I am high in every single category. Nothing here really surprises me all that much. A weakness I can see here
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