Leadership and The X-Time Hip Hop Band

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From an early age, my parents nurtured me to become a responsible and productive person in the society by inculcating values of self-discipline, responsibility, and integrity. My parent’s wishes for my life have always been to become a successful entrepreneur or a doctor. Amidst my aspirations of fulfilling the wishes of my parents, I have grown to become aware of my leadership skills that I can use to make a more meaningful impact in the society. Therefore, in my entire academic journey and particularly in high school, I have taken on leadership roles in different areas in my quest for exposure and experience in leadership. As a junior student majoring in economics, I am cognizant of the fact that the global economy is dependent on effective leadership whether in the economic, political, social, or legal arena. I have grown to be observant and critically analytical of the current global issues that are directly or indirectly related to leadership. One of the aspects that have helped me to learn a great deal of useful lessons is the global financial crisis and the Euro crisis which has left many countries in a financial quagmire. By carefully analyzing these global problems, it all boils down to leadership. Given the huge significance of good leadership in the society, I have not held back by desire to take on leadership roles as it evident from the activities that I was involved in during my high school, 10th, and 11th grade. During this time, I devoted my time and energy to lead the X-time hip hop band. This was a group of young talented people who had passion for hip hop music and who aspired to become full-fledged musicians in future. As an economics student, my interests were diverse and apart from focusing on my major, one... ... middle of paper ... ...lop my personality. I am a dedicated, result-oriented, and self-driven individual. As a leader, I have learned to appreciate cultural and ethnic diversity among students. I have realized that this diversity is actually an asset that can be put into good use to generate remarkable results. For instance, during my leadership of the hip hop band in high school, students from different cultural backgrounds used to come up with a variety of ideas that helped the band realize great success. In this connection, I have embraced the fact that leaders cannot afford to be biased on any basis as this is totally counterproductive. In future, I desire to play higher leadership roles to make a more meaningful contribution to the welfare of the society. I have come to realize that good leadership all begins by believing in oneself as this will make others believe in the leader.

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