Leadership and Management in the Hospital setting

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As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, it requires people who attain great leadership qualities. The success of an organization depends on employees that can inspire people around them to achieve greatness and deliver quality care to the patients. Being in the healthcare industry, we have seen many changes recently. Therefore, by having a person with leadership qualities to guide others through these changes, while maintaining an organization that can deliver quality care is indispensable.
Healthcare Delivery System
The healthcare system has seen significant change over the past decade. This is due to improved technology, healthcare reform, and the economic crisis (Hendren, 2010). With the changes that are occurring, both, the bedside nurse and nurse leader need to be aware and compliant in order to provide quality care to our patients. Nurse leaders will need to find ways to encourage staff members to take an active role in policy changes. In order to accomplish such task, nurse leader must be able to inspire their staff, and also be open to staff input (Finkelman, 2012). Nurse leader will have a greater responsibility to implement and deliver changes within the healthcare organizations (Finkelman, 2012). Therefore, nurse leaders must take an active role to be both an advocate and role model. Technology has improved the way in which we deliver patient care. It has improved patient safety by implementing safe medication administration, contributed to patient identification improvements, as well as improved surgical technologies. Healthcare reform and the economic crisis have caused the healthcare industry to make significant changes in order to become more cost effective. Nurse leader must be effective...

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