Leadership and Discrimination in Croft Foods

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Leadership and Discrimination in Croft Foods From my understanding Croft Foods have certainly demonstrated clear leadership in rather abstract terms. They have tried to reduce their production costs to an absolute minimum whilst attempting to produce and market as many products as possible. Klaus made effective communications with the employees and established the need to purchase new machinery which may have allowed the factory to work more efficiently and generate more profit. Leadership here was demonstrated by upper management conversing, with the factory floor directly, and making relevant employees aware of future developments, for example the fact that “further machinery is due to be installed later this year”. By recognizing a need with-in the market to remain competitive, and also delivery through spent time with employees. “Effective purchasing management and professional buying works better when a good strategic framework exists. Commonly, relationships between suppliers and customers are driven by personalities, or the needs of the moment, whereas relationships and purchasing strategy should ideally be based on a combination of factors reflecting the nature of each purchasing area, including: risk, complexity, value, the market and basic matters of supply and demand” 1 This theory suggests there is a vast array of issues which need to addressed whilst purchasing. There was obviously a need to work more efficiently, create more gross income, and allow employees to work to their optimum. In addition to satisfying the above, employees also felt listened too. Also by remaining distanced at suitable times from the factory floor at times they have been able to concentrate and free up time for other issues that may arise such as possible redundancies. Although the basic concept of these decisions may have necessary; it has all the hall marks of a ‘knee jerk reaction’. The decision to install new machinery without additional training was inevitably going to cause a skills gap and evidently cause a low working morale to sink further. Advice from the machinery supplier could have been sought after to perhaps provide guidance on the new machinery and thus offer advice on employee training. This would have leaded to a more structured and organised approach to productivity as well as improve factory morale... ... middle of paper ... ... and Limitations All employees can expect a fair performance related pay which works on the basis of company loyalty and productivity. Performance related pay will reflect the level of success or decline, which ever is relevant. Employees are expected to speak to the nominated 'team leader' regarding any problems which it would like to be addressed to management in connection with ideas. Management whom are responsible to Managerial Director; must remain diligent to the concerns and welfare of fellow employees never abusing their positions. Stakeholder shares in Croft foods will be awarded on performance and loyalty basis. Senior Management will have their company shares capped. Training Training for all employees will be mandatory. Review These policies will be reviewed on a regular basis in keeping with the interests of every employee at Croft Foods. Bibliography Management and Organizational Behaviour, Prentice Hall, Seventh Edition 2005 by Laurie J. Mullins2 www.businessballs.com/buyingtechniques.htm1 www.womenandequalqualityunit.gov.uk/legislation/equal_pay_act.htm3 www.bized.ac.uk/compfact/mcdonalds/mc15.htm4 www.mcdonalds.com5

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