Leadership Theories: Transformational Leadership

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Describe the role of leadership types within teams. What are some of the primary reasons teams fail? What can be done to ensure team success? Give a personal example of team success. Support your discussion with appropriate leadership theories that apply.

Transformational Leadership can play a role in creating a successful team. It can also be the process that changes and transforms people dealing with emotions, values, ethics, and standards. Transformational Leadership is the process whereby a person engages others and creates a connection that raises the level of motivation and morality in both the leader and the follower (Northhouse , 186). This applies to a team because you always have to be able to connect and motivate others around you while being in a team setting. Also, due to the emphasis of motivation and follower development, this fits the needs of today’s work groups who want to be empowered to succeed at a higher level. This shows how Transformational Leadership is very important within teams to better motivate each person to become better as a whole. Transformational leadership influences followers to reach a point where they thought they couldn’t reach. Mohandas Gandhi is a perfect example of a transformational leader. Gandhi raised the hopes and demands of millions of his people, and in the process he was changing himself as an overall human being.

In high school Coach D was a perfect example of transformational leadership. He motivated us each and every day to be the best we could be. Coach D also connected with us on a personal level to get to know us better like we were his own kids. If coach D wasn’t so much of a transformational leader I feel as though I wouldn’t have been as successful as I am today. ...

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... Mr. Britton Modeled the way by being proactive in the situatuions dealing with the tornado crisis. This inspired me because I feel as though that’s what type of leader I am. Lynn Britton story has influence me to keep practicing leadership. Mr. Britton gave me a understanding of how a leader could get things done by taking action. I feel as though I model the way for many people throughout everyday life on and off the field. I model the way by making wise choices that I know will affects others to want better themselves. Britton stories leaning towards modeling the way motivates me to make my team better so we can all accomplish our common goal. I feel as though Mr. Britton story was very affective to everyone in the class including the professor. His story also influenced me to keep practicing leadership because I want to be an overall complete leader.
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