Leadership Theories / Concepts And Personality Assessments

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Throughout my life, people would have never considered me a leader because of my reserved and shy nature. Their image of a leader was someone outgoing and charismatic, so they couldn’t comprehend how I could have been an ideal leader. They essentially overlooked my leadership qualities. Sometimes it was due to my culture and gender. I’m a Mexican woman and in my culture women are seen and not heard. I remember growing up my dad once told me that a woman’s place was in the kitchen. So growing up I didn’t view myself as a leader because I was constantly overlooked for who I was. After going into depth more in my HR classes about leadership it help me realize that the experiences that occurred to me in my lifespan had relations to leadership. By relating my experiences to leadership theories/concepts and personality assessments. When asked if I see myself as a leader, during our first day of class, I was one of the few persons who didn’t raise my hand. The reason why I didn’t raise my hand was because I already had a perceived definition that a leader was someone who was born a leader; they had charisma and power. Before class I full believed that leadership was derived from the Great Man Theory. So I knew that none of the characteristics, involved with the great man theory, applied to me. It wasn’t until people started giving out examples and explaining, that for those who didn’t raise their hands, they might have been leaders to their siblings, that I started thinking about the roles I play at home. Growing up with younger siblings was tough especially when I had two working parents. So I had to step up and become a role model for my younger siblings. I was basically thrust into a leadership position and had to set out rules, resp... ... middle of paper ... ...ke to work in a peaceful environment; I hate conflicts within groups so I’m the one usually helping others come into an agreement. A judger is someone who believes deadlines should be respected, prefer step-by-step instructions and make plans. I like having a detailed plan on what needs to be done because I hate surprises that arise during group situations. This is why I like assigning deadlines because then everyone in the group knows when assignments should be done and that they are all fully participating. When I put together Introversion, Sensing, Feeling, and Judging (ISFJ) I’m someone who is warm, considerate, responsible, a devoted caretaker who enjoys being helpful to others. This personality describes who I am as leader. I’m responsible when getting assignments done. I like being a caretaker to my group members and helping them through any problem they have.
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