Leadership Styles In Nursing

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urvey Results By taking the leadership survey, I was able to understand my leadership style. It revealed a high score in the delegative area, but there was only a four point difference with the next style called participative. The delegative style of leadership, basically is a hands off approach to leadership, letting others complete tasks without hovering over every detail. Whereas the participative style allows leadership to include the staff in decisions, and majority votes are the way to go (“Leadership Styles,” n.d.). As a charge nurse, I do not have much authority outside of my charge nurse allowances and rely on my nurses to complete the care of the patients with little oversight by me. I don’t typically use an authoritarian style…show more content…
It is possible that managers possess or lack leadership skills. Those who possess them, have the ability to use their leadership skills when necessary when the team requires it, depending on the situation at hand. Leaders however, truly care about the people they are interacting with and are invested in them. The leaders can inspire others, and in turn the followers want to follow the leader’s plans, visions, and strategies for whatever project they are working on. A leader doesn’t necessarily have to be born with leadership qualities, because everyone can learn proper leadership styles, behaviors, and effective communication skills that will make them stand out in times of doubt, worry, or tension in healthcare (Ellis & Abbott, 2013).

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Applying Learning to Vision
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