Leadership Roles within an Organization

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I wanted to dive deeper into the study of HSO’s as it relates to the leadership aspect. The organization I choose to do my research on is a nursing home facility, in which I currently work. As I was going through the Leadership Matrix assignment, I begin to realize the leadership in this particular facility is more task oriented, which seems to be a direct contradiction to the work that we do on a daily basis. Majority of our patients are elderly, and have some sort of mental or physical illness. The facility is staffed with nurses, certified nursing assistants, housekeepers, dietary aides, maintenance workers, social workers, admissions coordinators, and their managers. All parts working together to serve one mission, to achieve goals, and that’s to help get our short term patients out and back home as quick as possible, with the best therapy we can provide; and to maintain high quality of living for those who will make their home with us.

Leadership Roles within an Organization

Task Oriented Internal vs Task Oriented External

Hasenfeld (2010) states “Task Oriented” leadership focuses on the planning, directing, implementing, budgeting, and decision making. Internally, making sure each department is operating effectively, and the mission set forth by the organization is upheld. Externally, they use their resources to scope the success of other organizations; then plan, and set goals that will elevate them above the competition. The task oriented leader, is less concerned with how the decisions made, affect the employee’s; instead they focus on making decisions based on what keeps the company moving in a positive direction. Hasenfeld (2010) suggest that these types of organizations are operating with great uncertai...

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... setting it is important that we consider the effects of our leadership on our staff, residents, and families. After all, they are the components that keep the organization running.


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