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The word leader appeared in the English language initially in the 1300’s and the term leadership was coined somewhere in the 1800’s. This shows that a good amount of time has travelled by for this concept to be researched. The fact that few thousand less than two hundred thousand books have been written on this theme acts as an evidence that there cannot be only one dimension of leadership. As we progressed for the day, different dimensions of a leader came alive. From a transformational leader like Mahatma Gandhi and George Washington to transactional leaders like Alford Hitler, no matter how opposite, they can be equally effective as leaders. A vivid combination of expertise, authority, charisma, strategy, relationship management, etc. is what can play a vital role in making you a better leader. I infer that your power to influence a crowd and your ability to make them trust your vision adds to your potential as a leader. Further, not only humans, but even animals and insects show leadership trails. In the beehive, all the bees understand the queen bee to be their authority. As all the students brought up the examples of vibrant leaders, each one being different pages of the same novel name leadership, I believe that there is something to learn from all of them. To cite a few, Lincoln had the ability had the ability to…show more content…
Over the years, I have surely realized that you are expected to behave differently when you are put under diverse roles at different places. From being an intern at an Audit firm to being in and around a family business, has shown me multiple faces of leadership. Experiencing leadership while working at one of the temporary positions in the firm, I learnt how to respect and follow orders of a designated boss/leader. I think it was quite an integral part of my learning to support those days where I was on the other side of the table, directing

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