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Leader is a person that has wonderful and powerful characteristics and leading the people in a right direction. I have discussed many characteristics of the leader in the class. Mr. Alan is a very nice person that gave us new thoughts and learning about leadership. During last week, we played a game to understand better concepts of leadership. I think that this game is very helpful and important to point of view leadership. I believe that there is a strong connection between leadership and cultural values. I just notice that we use different cultural values in our routine life that relates to leadership. For example, we see common things in the office, such as dress of employees and office lay out. I think that empowerment also gives a true idea of organization’s environment, behavior along with cultural aspects. I strongly agree with the theory of motivation. In my point of view, either leader or follower both move ahead in the life with their thinking but under particular needs. I believe that a simple model of motivation describes a best concept of motivation. How I survive and move in the society with leadership qualities or followers? I really appreciate to Mr. Alan for organizing leadership game. This game has two parts to get sense of leadership as well implementation. For the learning process, I believe that this game is very interesting. The point of motivation for me was hierarchical needs. I believe that all expectations and motivational factors depend on needs. I believe that if we cannot fulfill needs of each other we cannot survive with leadership even then. I think that a point of dissatisfied of this game was low coordination. I believe that Mr. Alan approach to managing this game to motivate us and behind the purp... ... middle of paper ... ...l, he gets more opportunities. Finally, we learn that for a successful leader, there is need to make strong relation between followers either in organization or politics. After sum up, we can conclude that a leader is a person of many effective characteristics and abilities. The game of leadership is very helpful and I learnt many new concepts. The diversity and communication has deep relation which is very useful tool for leadership. The spiritual leadership has some complex ideas; however, followers perform well by following spiritual leadership. Leading team is a big opportunity for a leadership. The concept of politics with leadership arise the importance of leadership describing the personal power and leadership position. Finally, I learnt that the relationship between leaders and followers is a key of success for a great leader who can survive anywhere anytime.

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