Leadership Qualities And Roles Being Presented From The Movie ' The Shawshank Redemption '

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In The Shawshank Redemption, there are many types of leadership qualities and roles being presented, from the beginning of the movie to the end. The main characters, Andy and Red, demonstrate prestige power in the movie. They have a different level of power than some prisoners because of their roles in prison. Fellow prisoners come to them for advice, resources, and to learn whether it be life lessons or just general and basic knowledge. Red and Andy demonstrated a certain level of prestige power that the normal prisoners could not reach. Red was the Shawshank’s “business man”. He could get you any resource that you wanted and because of this, many prisoners looked to him for not only his resources but, his valuable life lessons as well. Andy was a former banker and his skills helped him out in prison. He used these skills to get a deal done with Hadley, the security guard, to get his co-workers some cold beer. After this, his ascension towards the top, well liked prisoners started. He began doing everyone’s takes and began even working for the warden. His smarts helped him tutor other prisoners as well. Because of this, everyone in the prison, even Red, looked up to him. Andy showed a high level of self-determination throughout the whole movie. When he first got there, he was approached by “The Sisters” and they wanted him to join their gang and he said no. They beat him to a pulp every day for two years until he would give up but he never did. After Andy got beat to his near death, the security guards put a stop to “The Sisters” forever. Another act of self-determination that Andy showed in the movie was when he pushed for a budget change at Shawshank. The warden knew that the prison was struggling because they we... ... middle of paper ... ...prison so they had to kill him. The warden then states that if Andy does not obey him, he will shut down the library, remove his protection from the guards and leave him in solitary confinement for even longer. Since Andy does not want the library to be shut down, he obeys the warden’s abusive power. In the end, Andy was resilient because he never gave up. He did manipulate the warden by changing his checks with his fake deposits and his own bible. He even got the warden arrested in the end for his cruel, illegal acts. Andy fulfilled his vision by living on the beach in Mexico. He did just that by nailing a hole in the wall for 19 years, climbing through 500 yards of sewage and swimming upstream to the border of Mexico. He cashed out on the warden’s money, helped Red become free from his boring sad society and lived happily ever after on the beach in Mexico.

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