Leadership: Compare And Contrast Leadership And Management

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Compare and Contrast Leadership and Management
An organization is often viewed as systems and management is often defined as human action that facilitate any organization , in other words management is said to be a distinct process that comprises of planning , organizing , actuating and controlling. It is practiced in order to accomplish pre determined objectives. (George R. Terry) Leadership is another facet that accelerates the further process of management , it is one of the key components of direction which is further termed as an asset required for successful management of an organization. Management and leadership are two different notions that are interchangeable but having different approaches with a similar outlooks. Management as a whole is a process that is having main focus on completion of task efficiently at minimal cost. The main aim of a management is to direct all the activities related to an organization towards accomplishment of targeted goals. On the flip side leadership is said to be more directed towards vision and inspiration, it is often regarded as an influential process in an organization that is carried on by an individual which has a focus on achieving the targeted goal that is recognized and benchmarked by the management. In today’s 21st century both effective mangers as well as efficient leader play a vital role.
Any individual can be termed as a leader , manager , or both , but each area requires mastery over slightly different skills and competencies. A manager is a person or an individual that is involved in planning , establishing agendas and budgets. Major activity that concerns a manger is to set time tables and allocated the respective resources in order to establish rules and procedures in ...

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...h in the organization in their own respective ways.

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