Leadership Challenges In Southwest Airlines

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providing a more professional service. Instead, southwest everyone always treat employees properly with their hearts, and they do it not because the company requires them to, but because they want to. This is part of the spirit of the Southwest.
Southwest Airlines flight attendant always allow passengers to enjoy their journey says some jokes and interesting stories, which make many customers enjoy their journey, though lacking in other forms of entertainment. In flight longer distances, as is the case in the 5 to 6 hour flight, the flight attendants have a very difficult to maintain the enthusiasm of time. In such a case, the southwest has to upgrade its facilities, or hire more flight attendants so that one can take a break while the other served. Obviously, in this case, to hire more flight attendants would be meaningless because they just take up space for passengers. Ultimately, it means that Southwest Airlines would be to raise the level of its aircraft to include entertainment on board, and therefore, the passengers southwest in the future, should bear the burden of these costs.
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First, communication has become difficult and change is evident in the culture of the Southwest, as described by management "becomes a new creature." Second, it witnessed southwest increased costs and competition in the airline industry. Related to these two problems, who presented briefly in section 2, the following section is trying to make a couple of academic articles that will be the framework for this paper. How can the company by adapting Goolsby leadership model, can foster a healthy and better organization creates a culture of employees work in a good environment and satiable, O2- how a company can use public Porter strategies to reduce costs, and maintain the edge of

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