Leadership Case Study

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In order to learn more about leadership, motivation, team building, and coaching I interviewed a Connie Dorn, manager of two different departments within the revenue cycle of four local hospitals. She has been in this position for over five years and enjoys the challenges and satisfaction it brings by building a successful team. She displays a transformational leadership style, as displayed by her ability to motivate staff to reach their full potential and recognizing them for their strengths, knowledge, and skill sets. Connie is very experienced in coaching and wishes she was able to commit more time to coaching her employees. She takes time to develop trust and rapport with her employees which assists her in coaching and motivating her employees. Having a large number of employees under her leadership has taught her how to respect their differences and allows those differences to guide her leadership style to properly guide and motivate them.…show more content…
They are there to ensure that tasks are properly completed in a timely manner, but also to motivate staff to excel in their positions. A great manager is also a great leader. Connie Dorn recently defined leadership as guiding coworkers to contribute their best for the organization and each other by leading them, not managing, and helping them feel appreciated by herself and the organization. I found her definition very interesting, in that her main outlook as a leader was to motivate her staff to want to excel. In a recent study performed on the sales department at Kurnia Wijaya Various Industries they looked at the importance of leadership style and motivation. The study discovered that leaders have the ability to influence people to achieve company goals. Great leaders are able to influence the work environment, ultimately producing positive changes. In this study they found a direct correlation between leadership and performance. ( Elgadri, Privono, Chandra
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