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1028 words

Karishma Patel This case is about interaction between leader and followers and its effects on organization, a very good example of presence of in-group and out- group in many organizations. This is a case of creative director of advertizing agency; who has strong relation with one team than others, who gives special treatment to one team than other. As a result, there is issue of inequality and fairness in the agency. Mills, Smith, and Peters is a reputable for being the best advertising and public relations agency in the country. Carly Peters works for the creative department of the company. Carly …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how karishma patel's case is about interaction between leader and followers and its effects on organization.
  • Explains that mills, smith, and peters is the best advertising and public relations agency in the country. carly has four major account teams — jack, julie, terri and sarah.
  • Analyzes how lmx theory emphasizes the importance of existence of in-groups and out groups in the organization.
  • Explains that jack's team has done excellent work for carly, and they are willing to do extra work. terri and julie would consider out group based on lmx and vdl theory.
  • Analyzes how carly's dynamic relationship with jack and his team was making company more profitable by providing customer with excellent advertisement.
  • Opines that carly should change her approach towards the associate directors. she should be more interact with other team and get to know their strength and weakness and how they feel about workplace environment.
  • Explains that lmx theory is unique because it gives attention to the concept of dynamic relationship leader and follower. carly should change her approach and trust in other team for excellent work.

Carly who is trying to be successful in her career; uses the Jack’s team for major showcase advertisement because they are willing to go extra mile by working in weekends, and his team is very is very talented. This way Carly gets the most work done in efficient manner, and gets to build strong network with her customers by make them happy. While she neglects the work of other team; who is also trying hard to be in group with Carly, but Carly does not notice their work or simply thinks it is going to be challenging for them. According to LMX theory, leadership making emphasize that Leader should always develop high quality relationship with all of their followers rather than just a few. It attempts to make every follower feels that they are important, and he or she is part of the in-group. It avoids the inequalities and negative implications of being in out of group. Carly by not being fair to all her followers, she is creating inequality in her workplace that results into dissatisfaction and low morals in Julie and Terry’s team. LMX theory describes leadership and prescribes leadership. While it is important it realize the existence of in- group and out-group, it is also very important to create special relationship with all the …show more content…

Jack’s team has done excellent work for Carly, and Carly is also impressed with them. They are also willing to do extra work for Carly, as a result Carly also allocate extra resource to Jack’s team. According to VDL and LMX theory, this dynamics interaction between leader and follower usually gets seen in in-group. Terri and Julie’s team would consider out group per LMX and VDL theory, because Carly is less compatible with their group, their group neither work extra for company neither Carly allocate them any extra

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