Leadership Behavior in the Workplace

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Not all leaders exhibit negative leadership behavior. However, a bad leader is one who does not have the necessary skills to lead a group or a team. They can have a bad attitude, poor communication skills, and/or bad judgment. Their actions make their group or team feel disorganized, demoralized, and make them feel that their efforts are unrecognized. Eventually, their subordinates will perform poorly and become under achievers in their work or personal lives. Negative Leadership Behavior I never realized how bad a leader could be until I went to my first leadership development training back in 2005. A few years back, I worked for a dealership and there I met the terminator. One of the employees gave this name because he enjoyed terminating employees. The manager was authoritative and unbearable; he used fear tactics to try to force employees to meet deadlines and other work objectives. He would threaten to tell the senior manager about any errors we would make and would prevent us from promotions and/or receive our raise, if we did not do as he ordered. We constantly lived in fear of losing our job because of his threats. Over time, that manager eroded most of the employee’s confidence and morale, which lowered the organizations productivity and customer dissatisfaction. However, due to the decrease in workflow and increase of customer grief the general manager started an investigation in order to find the source of the problem which did not take him long to find. Once the general manager recognize the problem, he intervene in order to correct the behavior and develop an effective and positive leader out of him. He gave the manager a choice to give one-week notice or receive a warning, accept further training and be on a 30-day ... ... middle of paper ... ...i, and Karl Kepne (2013) Transformational Hesselbein, Frances, and Paul M. Cohen. (1999). Leader to Leaders. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass Publishers. Kendra Cherry, (2012) Becoming a Better Leader http://psychology.about.com/od/leadership/tp/become-a-better-leader.htm Leading Effectively, (2014) Retrieved from http://www.ccl.org/leadership/podcast/transcriptBuilding.aspx?v=1.1 Leadership: The Transformation of Managers and Associates, (2012) Retrieved from http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/hr020 Riggio, R. E. (2009, Oct. 29). Four things you can do to become a better leader. Psychology Today. Retrieved from http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/cutting-edge-leadership/200910/four-things-you-can-do-become-better-leader Team Business, (2013) Authoritarian Leadership Style Problem, and Retrieved from http://www.teambusinessdevelopment.co.uk/authoritarian_leadership_style.html

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