Leadership Approaches To Management

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There are various approaches employed by management of organizations to get the best out of their work force. Many managers have employed the hard approach of management. The managers emphasize on planning, controlling, and organizing their employees. In the 1940’s and 1950’s most companies used centralized hierarchies. Managers viewed employees as assets used in the production of goods and services. A strategist Peter Drucker suggested that employees were capable of making sound decision and making meaningful development. Globalization in the industry brought about breaking down of aristocratic management systems because employees could easily get opportunities in other firms. Modern leadership was fueled by globalization where employees had other options if mistreated by their managers. Management shifted from command and control to social persuasion. Leaders nowadays seek assistance and support from their employees in pursuit of getting positive outcome. Leaders began being influential in the organization. They created the mission, build positive social relations, coached and trained their staff and maintained competence that came with group organization. Leadership is now considered human resource and a method of an organization guaranteeing higher levels of job satisfaction. Organizations have to identify strategies and procedures to train persons with leadership qualities to be effective leaders. Skills are not enough for effective leadership. Skills have to be harnessed and developed to promote genuine willingness to follow direction of leadership in the organization. Leadership is also recognized as a talent that is complex basing on sociological and psychological attributes and behavior of organization’s employees. Ide... ... middle of paper ... ...team to tackle the challenge of lawsuits for them. The legal teams are drawn all over all field of law. The management took insurance cover for unpredictable weather pattern in the region. The insurance cover is offered by reputable insurance groups that keep their end of the bargain. The management is now assured that in the event of poor weather, their profit margins will still remain unaffected. The management has also taken keymans compensation scheme to prevent essential employees leaving the organization and working with competing groceries. The management has to review contracts with its employees to cover the difficult economic times. The management can still keep employees even at low salaries or recall retrenched employees when the difficult time is past. This way it has been able to retain all employees it requires even when the economy performed badly.
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