Leadership And Path-Goal Theory In The Leadership Approach

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Many theories have been introduced to shape the leadership approach. As in today’s world, it is important for one to have the most resourceful skill when it comes to leadership. It is being fulfilled by incorporating proper leadership approach. To fulfill the social needs path-goal is useful for a leader than any other theories to be successful. This theory is based on emphasizing a leader 's technique or actions that fit the employee and work atmosphere in order to achieve a goal within an organization. For leaders in an organization, it is crucial to motivating the subordinates to achieve a goal. This theory specifically sheds a light on why it is beneficial for leaders to utilize path-goal model over other theories. On the contrary, the…show more content…
One hand, as in the situational approach it is advised for a leader to adopt the development level of his or her subordinates. Otherhand, in the contingency theory, it is advised to a leader to match his or her styles with precise situation variables. But in this theory the focus is specifically on the relationship between the leader 's approach; and style with the characteristics of the subordinates in an organization, along with the work setting or the management. While this specific theory assures that subordinates will be aggravated if they think they are competent of performing their work, and also if they think their effort will not go to waste, rather will meet the goal of the organization; it shows how much a leader can accomplish if he or she took the initiative to motivate their subordinates in their everyday work. It will be challenging for leaders at the time to accomplish this goal, however, it is on the leader which approach they would choose to accolade or add enhancement in the work setting to ensure nothing is missing from the management location. As to ensure such as the subordinates are doing what they suppose to it is advised through this theory for a leader to add the reward system in the workplace, and providing tools and objectives in the workplace too so the subordinates reach the given

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