Leadership And Organizational Change

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CrysTel is taking the necessary steps necessary in the advancement of its organization by adding new technological products to its company. In order for the success of this change they are conducting different surveys to make sure that this is right for the company at this time. For this change to be successful they keep the products in line with the organizations vision.

Identify the three models or theories of change that CrysTel might apply as it implements its change initiative

CrysTel is a telecommunication company operating in Illinois with employee strength of 2500 with an annual revenue of $200 million. The product profile is data cables, wireless solutions and network development. Because of the nature of business CrysTel is likely to make technology and administrative changes on a regular basis.

Three modules of change that CrysTel might apply as it implements it change initiative are input, target element of change and output.

Input changes imply that this change should be consistent with the organization vision and mission and strategic plan which will ultimately direct the organization in the right direction. For example the vision basically states what the company wants to become but the strategic plan is what ultimately lead the organization to its goal. It contains the detail necessary to lead the organization to that change. This plan will be based on CrysTel's strength and weaknesses that is relative to its environmental threat and opportunities. When organizational changes are not consistent with strategic planning of the company it tends to be counterproductive. These factors include organizing arrangements, goals, people, social factors and methods. For CrysTel the changes would to add new product line would greatly affect the goals, methods and organizing arrangements.

Outputs represent what is expected of the end result. It should be consistent with the organization's strategic plan. CrysTel Organizational goal is to increase its product line by introducing new technology with the intention to increase the product offerings of the market. CrysTel would like to offer new products on a regular basis and this may impact the organization on a whole. CrysTel's intention is to conduct survey from the different departments. Changes are usually much complicated and harder to manage when they are targeted at the organizational level.

Identified leadership and organizational change challenges that may arise during the implementation phase of the change initiative at CrysTel

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