Leadership And Leadership Of Leadership

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I would to stay that my thinking has not changed; however, I was able to build upon the current knowledge of leadership that I currently withhold. As a result of the readings/videos, assignments, and discussions I was enlightened that situational factors can a strong effect on leadership. There are many great leaders in the world, however, each leader’s response and reaction to each situation may not be as great as others. Many characteristics come into play for leaders to be effective when dealing with simple to chaotic issues. The type of person you are reflects what type of leadership style you will apply in the workplace. I have learned that the more versatile your leadership/personality style is the more effective you are in leading your team or organization.
What important insights about Leadership did you gain from this course?
Decision making is a critical skill to have as a leader. Employees want leaders who they know they can trust, competent, and able to make effective decisions when needed. Nothing is more trustworthy than knowing that your leader is capable of managing any situation, simple or chaotic, while ethically maintaining their professionalism in the workplace. It is imperative for leaders to be able to adapt to any situation and have no boundaries on how far they would go in supporting their team. As a leader, it is important to be prepared for any crisis. Most of the time it is not the leader’s fault when crisis happen, however, they are looked at for answers. The leader has to be willing to address the situation, admit fault (if any), and provide a strategic plan that will satisfy the needs of those affected by the situation. A strong leader will never back down; they stay committed to taking their team ...

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...working experiences. The supplemental material was beneficial as it helped to reinforce the information from the textbook enhancing my comprehension.
Was the textbook appropriate/valuable/useful?
The textbook was a great resource. It was easy to read and informational. I see myself keeping this text book to have to reflect back on for my future courses.
What recommendations would you make to improve this class?
I have noticed in a few of my prior online course that there is an edit option on the discussion thread that allows you to fix a typo or add/delete information after you hit submit. I think this feature is good to have as an option for students if they need to go back and make any corrections to their post. Overall, you are a great instructor. Your engagement and response time with the class is exceptional and I enjoyed being your student, once again.
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