Leadership Analysis

CEO Profiles:
a. D. Scott Davis is currently the Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
i. D. Scott Davis joined UPS in 1986, joined the UPS Management Committee in 2001, and became the Chairman & Chief Executive Officer in 2008(, 2013). ii. D. Scott Davis made $10,694,321 in total compensation. $1,049,703 was received as a salary, $426,034 was received as a bonus, $463,675 was received in stock options, $8,714,617 was awarded as stock and $40,292 came from other types of compensation ( 2013).
"D. Scott Davis’s salary is decreased by 7 percent from the year before, according to an Associated Press analysis" (AP news 2013). iii. When Scott Davis was first hired as a the Chairman & Chief Executive Officer in 2008, the stock price was $68.31.The current stock price is $101.91,.(Google finance, 2013)
b) Frederick W. Smith is currently the Chairman and CEO of FedEx.
i. Frederick W. Smith founded Federal Express On June 18, 1971(Federal reserve bank, 2013). In 1970, Smith purchased the controlling interest in an aircraft maintenance company, Ark Aviation Sales, and by 1971 turned its focus to FedEx.( American Academy of Achievement, Jan 2008) ii. Frederick W. Smith’s salary in 2012 was as $8.67 million total, including $1.28 million base salary, $3.34 million in bonus, and $4.05 mil in other compensation (Forbes, 2013). iii. FedEx’s stock price in 1978 was $1.875. The current price of the FedEx is $18.88.

2. Challenges/Initiatives
a. D. Scott Davis’s challenges/initiatives:
i. 1: D. Scott Davis’s First challenge as how to increase the revenue of the company with competition during the economic recession.
Scott's respond was to expand the service worldwide. UPS has made significant improvements in its logis...

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