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Leadership Leadership" In this day and age the only way to be classified as a leader is to do something charitable, or standing up for your political beliefs. Our society no longer accepts the war aspect of being a leader. This is not bad, but it has shown how our society has changed since earlier times. The leaders of today are Mother Theresa, Princess Diana, Ghandi, and Martin Luther King Jr. etc. Grant it, they are all dead, they all went out of their way to help others or believed in something so strong they were forced to be remembered by there graceful outcomes. Not many people of today would leave their possessions to help poor people or travel through mine fields to oversee the unexpected. Not many people today would see that there people be feed and clothed in order for them to survive their hardship. Not many but few can overcome this obstacle in life. This is when our leaders and heroes come into play, this is when our leaders overcome their triumphant battle in life and see that the people of this and every nation be cared for and humbly bold. Most leaders today are everyday people who fight to keep down two jobs to feed their family. Leaders of today find them selves struggling to keep up with the Jones. In early times the more people you killed the more your popularity grew and the more widespread your name became. In these times it mattered about how many people you save or how much money you donate. Everyone knew of Ted Turner's vast wealth but he wasn't considered such a great guy until he donated a billion dollars to the United Nations.
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