Leaders in the Mobile Phone Market are Apple and Samsung

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Apple and Samsung are the two most important technological companies in the mobile phone market. Both companies have achieved outstanding sales in the past years and have made some competitors such as Nokia or Blackberry almost inexistent. This does, therefore, raise the question: Apple or Samsung? Which one will win the technological battle? Both enterprises have been challenging each other in the past few years in order to win this smartphone war. Research and analysis of the company’s sales, show that both companies focus over 50 per cent of their production on the global smartphone market. Samsung is a perfect example. The company has managed to produce low cost high quality smartphone products attracting new customers and, therefore, expanding the company’s market shares. Its net profit also rose to 8.24 trillion between the months July and September of 2012 (Jones 1). The success and peculiarity of its new low cost high quality products as well as its emphasis on innovation has allowed Samsung to find a way to win this technological battle.
Who started this technological battle? Although Apple is still seen as the originator of this war with the release of the new iPhone, Samsung has managed to introduce new impressive changes to its products by innovating both the design and software of mobile devices. Innovation stands as the number one priority for the company. Such innovation has led to the appearance of the new “smartphone era”. Companies now launch new smartphones, leaving behind the now “old fashioned” mobile devices such as Blackberry. It is important to note that, at the same time Apple released its new iPhone, Samsung had already released multiple models with a wide range of prices, which adapt to consume...

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...Samsung continues using its new innovation method, smartphone sales will surely increase in the following months.
Those suggesting that Samsung will not win this battle are wrong. Samsung is a powerful and innovative company, which has worked hard to take the lead in this battle. Its new problem solving method and low cost high quality products seem to be making the company’s sales rise. Although this battle between the two most important smartphone companies is not over, Samsung’s victory can be predicted. It is currently leading Apple in two of the largest markets, India and China and has managed to produce low cost high quality products, which adapt to all customers tastes. “At the moment the only thing Samsung can do is keep on experimenting and seeing which models survive. That survival of the strongest will be the definition of success” (Shaughnessy 2).
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