Lazada Case Study

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1.2.3 Social Behavior
Indonesia has been known for its consumptive buyer’s behavior. In a deep analysis we can describe Indonesian consumer’s behavior which has a significant impact and related each other to the e-retail business. First, Indonesian consumers are selective to what they want to buy, moreover the younger generation. They tend to buy something that up-to-date, but of course they are still able to purchase it (Utami, 2012). In this matter, since most of Indonesian population is in a young age, they frequently purchase their product from e-retails since it is easy, cheaper, and they can many information regarding the product.

1.2.4 Usage of Technology According to We Are Social a social media agency, per January 2014 Internet
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Lazada Group operates in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Being a pioneer in the field of e-commerce, Lazada deliver services that are easy for consumers to shop and direct access to the database of Southeast Asia's largest consumer. They offers hundreds of thousands of products available from various categories, health and beauty, household appliances, mobile phones and tablets, electronics, household appliances. Aside from a wide selection of products from international and local brands, consumers also can find a variety of products that present exclusively. Lazada also present a wide selection of payment methods for consumers, including pay cash on the spot or Cash-On-Delivery where the consumers only need to pay after they receive the product. In addition, consumers can return their product if it is not in a good condition within 14 days and receive a full refund, which are included in the Customer Protection Program (Lazada,…show more content…
For example like the number of their customers and sales will increasing rapidly each year. According to ICD, Indonesian market on e-retailing business will grow up to 49% from 20012 until 2015, a lot more higher than the others country like Malaysia (14%), Thailand (22%), and Filipina (28%) (Mitra, 2014). From the company cases, we can analyze each company opportunities as below :
2.2.1. Lazada
Lazada has a wide range of product selection from international and local brands. Payment method in Lazada is easy, starting from using credit cards until the COD system where the consumers pay their product after they receive it. Lazada has become the pioneer of this system, making many customers are more confident to buying their products. Since then, Lazada has a big opportunities to be the best e-retailers in