Law Enforcement Is A Stressful Job

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A study found that 47% of men and 58% of women in law enforcement were excessive drinkers (Richmond, Wodak, Kehoe, & Nick, 1998). Excessive drinking not only harms organs, which can cause numerous problems, but it also causes cognitive dysfunction. Most agencies have policies in place to prevent officers from drinking 24 hours before the start of their shift. When officers partake in excessive drinking, this policy is not followed and can lead to slower reaction times when on duty, resulting in harm to themselves or others (Collingwood et al., 2003). Law enforcement is a stressful job. From experiencing life-threatening situations, to seeing children being abused, to seeing others die on a regular basis, officers experience much more stress than the general population. Because of the high stress nature of the job, officers often turn to alcohol to alleviate that stress. A study conducted across 29 departments, including 2,200 officers, found that 23% of the officers had a serious issue with alcohol consumption (Hurrell et al., 1984; William, 2012). It was also found that police offic...
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