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Abstract This paper explains why training in the field of ethical behavior is extremely important for law enforcement professionals. Law enforcement professionals are held to a higher standard than the normal citizen, people look to them when they need help. Unethical behavior by a law enforcement officer can be detrimental to the law enforcement profession as a whole. Cell phones in today’s society make it harder for law enforcement officers to do their jobs, they don’t know when they’re going to be recorded while handling a call or not, and when they’re recorded the video only shows the view point that the recorder wants the public to see. Therefore, training on ethics for law enforcement officers is imperative. Training will help give law …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains why training in the field of ethical behavior is extremely important for law enforcement professionals.
  • Explains that ethics in the law enforcement profession is becoming more of an issue than ever before. it has a direct impact on the department he or she works for and the whole profession in general.
  • Explains that police chiefs, sheriffs and command staffs of law enforcement agencies believe that ethics reinforces the core mission of the organization, adherence to policy and procedures, and resolve moral dilemmas.
  • Opines that it is essential for law enforcement officers to have training in ethics, especially in the society we live in today. when an officer commits an act that violates ethical behavior it has the potential to affect the agency in question.
  • Explains that agencies look for the most qualified officers with the highest moral values to get hired as a law enforcement officer. law enforcement officers are taught that they're always in the public spotlight and if they do something unethical could affect the profession.
  • Explains that the death of freddy gray in baltimore, maryland, has put a negative spotlight on the law enforcement profession.
  • Opines that if the officers of the freddy grey case used better judgement when handling the situation on april 12th, 2015, the outcome might have been prevented.
  • Analyzes how baltimore city had an uncontrollable riot for days after freddy gray's death. poor leadership calls from both the mayors and police command staff caused officer to get injured and businesses both local and corporate were destroyed.
  • Explains that when taking someone into custody, officers need to do whatever it takes in order to make the arrest safely. ethics comes into play if officers decided to throw in extra strikes after the subject became compliant.
  • Opines that law enforcement officers should be required to have yearly training on ethics, incidents that happened where officers took part in unethical behavior and the outcomes that have come because of their actions.

Law enforcement agencies have ethics built in their core mission and policies for many reason. In order for an agency to be accredited by the Commission of Accreditation in Law Enforcement Associations (CALEA), agencies have to have training and policy that deals with ethics. Having officers and policies that deal with ethics creates a blanket over the organization when one of their officers make an unethical decision while on the job. It puts the legal liability of the officers’ actions back on the officer and not the law enforcement agency as a …show more content…

Most times the public only sees the end stage of the arrest and not what the arrestee has done to cause law enforcement officers to use force against them. When ethics comes into play if officers decided to throw in some extra strikes after the subject became compliant. Once the subject is taken into custody they have to be treated like any other complaint prisoner unless he continues to be uncooperative while in custody. If this doesn’t happen and they let the prisoner get under their skin, then they open themselves to the possibility of compromising their ethical and moral

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