Lauren, Hannah and Cancer: A Short Story

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As I stood at her bedside, my mind flashed back to how it happened. Before, I never thought a phone call could change someone’s life. I found out a few months ago, on a late sunday night. I remember her saying she had it. When I asked what she had, her voice grew silent and she whispered one word. Lauren had cancer.
I had trouble focusing at school the next day. All I could think about was that my best friend might die. For as long as I could remember, it had always been Lauren and Hannah, the two best friends. I wondered if it could be just Hannah, the girl who lost her best friend. Going back to school, facing the curious stares was one of the hardest things I had done. I could only imagine how Lauren felt.
The next few days were hard, we tried to forget what was ahead of us. It was like Lauren and I both were battling cancer, just affected by it in different ways.
It hurt me to see Lauren’s other friends ignore her, because they were unsure and afraid. However, some people were supportive of her. Our soccer team even announced that they would be playing their seaso...

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