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The Latino culture in respect to the rest of the United States is a true phenomenon. The numbers of Latinos coming into the United States is steadily growing, with the Spanish language competing with the English language for usage. Latinos are also creating a big impact on the world of politics; their numbers are not only viewed as a wanted asset but as “game changer” to politics. However, there are key factors that influence the voting patterns of Latinos and how they themselves interact in politics. Taking a look at interrelating factors can show Latino’s pattern in voting participation. The strongest predictors of Latino voting turnouts will be based on a strong ethnic background and socioeconomic status coupled with gender. Latinos face …show more content…

“[R]elationships play an important role in women’s psychological development and adaptation to sociopolitical roles” (Montoya et al. 6). An argument could be made for Hilary Clinton that in the previous article she was able to relate to Latina’s on a personal level thus gaining more overall Latino votes versus Obama. The concept of being empowered vs power alone is what drives Latinas and other women in political areas to fill those positions. Again the topic of unity, ethnic background is put into focus for analysis of voting outcomes. While most Latinos do stand united for a majority of topics, there are differences in the subgroups. For example, Puerto Rican and Mexican women identify closely to the Democratic Party while Cuban women tend to side with Republicans (Montoya et al. 3). Both articles clearly see a common ground for Latinos as a whole, their views on certain politics and politicians, clearly favoring a Democratic point of view. Particularly those Democrats that hold Latino values in high regards, utilizing Latino’s in their political campaigns and reaching out to the local level of Latino community. While there may be some differences among the subgroups in the Latin world, there is still a share of beliefs and

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that latinos are creating a big impact on the world of politics; their numbers are not only viewed as an asset but as "game changer" to politics.
  • Explains that latinos face a certain minority status even though they are growing in the u.s. language barriers, citizenships, and decreased mobilization for voting are among the top factors.
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