Latin Culture: Culture And Religion In Latin America

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Culture and Religion are not the same, although they share a very close relationship. Culture is defined as the behaviors and beliefs characteristics of a social, ethnic, or age group. It is the social forces within a community involving its convictions for behavior, including food and the way in which this food is prepared, entertainment such as music or dancing, dating rituals all in which are used to keep the community together. Religion is defined the belief in and the worshiping of a God or Gods; a point or matter of ethics or conscience. It defines how the community members interpret their role with in the universe, with teachings based on local cultures, so out of different cultures, different religions are formed. The purpose of this…show more content…
Despite it’s decline in followers in the past 50 years, studies show that it is still the predominant religion among the Latin Culture. Catholicism has had many impacts on the Latin American Cultures values, attitudes and behaviors. The catholic church teaches that everyone has the right to participate in society and human decency, so much so that this is one of its seven core values. There are seven core values that Catholics follow, and they are as follows: 1) Positive view of life – meaning that human life is sacred and should always maintain it’s dignity. 2) Community and Common Good – not only is everyone scared but everyone is a social being. Catholics believe that the center of society is the family, and that family stability should always be protected. 3) Freedom from Oppression – The catholic church feels that the most vulnerable in society should be those who are less fortunate. It is the belief of Catholicism that no one in society should be oppressed and that no divide should exist between the rich and poor. 4) Search for truth and Wisdom – all humans have the right to seek knowledge and truth and religion teaches that God is the truth. 5) God’s presence in the world – God created the world and all that is with in it. It is the belief of the Catholics that God entrusted humans to take care of the environment and to use the talents and goods given by Good very carefully. 6) Reconciliation – is…show more content…
Catholics see abortion as pure evil and likened to murder, and the Bible states that murder is forbidden. They feel that the use of contraceptive prevents the natural order of life. Meaning it messes with the process in which God intended to take place. God stated to be fruitful and multiply and the use of contraceptives prevents this. Same sex marriage is forbidden, this is pretty much a common attitude that is common across most cultures and religions. All scriptures teach the unacceptability of homosexual behavior. In Catholicism, marriage is a sacrament, and divorce is not accepted in the Catholic faith. In fact, they must seek the marriage annulled. The process is complicated, and no one is with out fault. The person seeking the divorce speaks with his/her priest and the priest directs the matter to a tribunal and a meeting with witnesses to the state of the marriage takes place and then afterwards if it is determined that the request for a divorce has merit then the annulment is

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