Latin America’s Switzerland is Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is known for having Latin America’s oldest democracy, as it was established and uninterrupted since the 1950s. More importantly, it is one of the few countries without a standing military force. Today, they are under a presidential constitutional republic, lead by Laura Chinchilla, whom is the president since 2010. Costa Rica is in Central America, between Nicaragua (north) and Panama (south east). Christopher Columbus first visited it during his fourth and last voyage to the New World. Its conquistador was Juan Vasquez Coronado, a pacifist whom won the trust of the natives in the area.
Costa Rica, or Rich Coast, was named for Gil Gonzales Davila after the golden bands that the natives wore in their noses at the time of colonization (Costa Rica - History & Culture). For this colony independence came almost instantaneously as it was not forced by any war. Spain had left this part of the colonies alone as they focused on the minerals that Peru and Mexico. Since both Peru and Mexico wanted their independence at this time, Spain was using must of the resources to fight against them, leaving them no capital to take care of Central America. As a result, it was easier for the Central America colonies to declare independence because it was already a reality to them. Since this time Costa Rica was known for their tolerant attitudes as whites, Creoles, Spaniards, blacks and Indians coexisted without any issues.
In 1823, at the time of independence Costa Rica joints the Federal Republic of Central America with Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua (La Federacion Del Centro De America). The president of all the providences, the so-called federal government, was Francisco Morazán a liberal. As president of the provinces...

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