Latin American Destination Project

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1807 words

Latin America Project

Introduction/Primary Questions (Research Document):

1. Where do you want to travel to in Latin America? Choose between 1 and 3 places to visit.
My three destinations are Mexico City, Mexico; San Jose , Costa Rica; and Guatemala City, Guatemala.
(This destination choice is the most important choice you will make so choose carefully - see Mr. White if you want help for this.)
2. What are your destinations absolute locations?
The absolute location of Mexico City, Mexico is 20.7 degree north and 88.6 degrees west. The absolute location of San Jose is 10.4 degrees north and 84.7 degrees west. The absolute location of Guatemala City is 14.5 degrees north and 90.7 degrees west.
3. What are your destinations relative locations?
Mexico City is west of Pistè, Mexico. San Jose is east of Quesada, Costa Rica. Guatemala City is north of Alotenango, Guatemala.
4. When do you want to travel to your locations? (You may pick any date - past or present) and how long do you want to travel for?
I will travel to Mexico City on April third, 2014,and stay there for four days. I will travel to San Jose on March twenty fourth 2014, and stay there for five days. I will travel to Guatemala City on March fifth 2014, and stay there for six days.
5. What is the average weather of your destination during this time of year? (Look at the average temperature and how often it rains during this time of year)
You may use
What climate and vegetation does your destination have?
Guatemala City: The climate is tropical wet , tropical wet and dry, and Mediterranean. The vegetation is broadleaf ever green forest, desert scrub and tropical grassland.
San Jose: the climate is tropical wet and tropical wet and dry. The vegetat...

... middle of paper ...

...p://,+Costa+Rica/loid=603085/ofid=10472/stat=5/flgc=0/wtid=28#details,+Costa+Rica/loid=603085/ofid=10472/stat=5/flgc=0/wtid=28#details TOTAL POINTS: 100




1st DESTINATION ANSWERS 1-10 ________/10

2nd DESTINATION ANSWERS 1-10 ________/10

3rd DESTINATION ANSWERS 1-10 ________/10



TOTAL ________/100

In this essay, the author

  • Describes the absolute locations of mexico city, san jose, and guatemala city.
  • Compares guatemala city's average temperature and rainfall to mexico city in april.
  • Describes the population density map of their destination, and what this means for transportation during the trip.
  • Advises travelers to include the cost of their hotel room and a link to the hotel’s website if possible.
  • Explains the history of mexico city before the arrival of the aztecs in the thirteenth century.
  • Explains that guatemala has a lot of culture and natural destruction. the spanish conquistadors arrived in the sixteenth century, but found only overgrown mounds.
  • Explains that chichen itza is the best known yucatan maya historical site.
  • Explains that volcano pacaya is an active volcano in antigua, not far from guatemala city. it last erupted on may 27, 2010.
  • Explains that tortuguero national park is a beautiful park that costs $99. it is the nesting site of many turtles that you can see from the beach.
  • Recommends choosing between mexico city, san jose, costa rica, and guatemala city.
  • Explains that mexico city is west of pistè, mexico, san jose is east of quesada, costa rica, and guatemala is north of alotenango, guatemala.
  • Compares guatemala city and san jose, where the climate is tropical wet and dry, and mediterranean.
  • Explains that they would wear shorts and a t-shirt to mexico city in april, flip flops or walking shoes in san jose in march, and sneakers in guatemala city.
  • Explains that they will eat beef tongue in mexico city and chuchichos in guatemala city. they recommend researching their country's traditional food.
  • Explains that they will rent a car in mexico city, guatemala city and san jose.
  • Recommends visiting museums, historical sights, shops, dance studios, famous buildings, theatre, music venues, athletic sites or stadiums.
  • Explains san jose's high altitudes, interesting history, and moderate climate. the city was established in 1737 and was famous for farming.
  • Explains how to create a final cost $#. only questions 11 and 12 need to be in paragraph form; all other questions can be short sentences.

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