Latin America Case Study

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Many in Latin America believed that they would achieve a similar self-governance much like the United States and many European nations. The members of Latin American society that lived in more urban environments enjoyed the amenities similar to any highly advanced city centers around the globe. However those living in rural areas in Latin America suffered a different fate. A sort of new colonial system had been imparted upon them. A system of increased American and European influence that was very reminiscent of the previous colonial governments. So once again social status and big money that attracted foreign investments ruled the day leaving small rural farmers out to dry on the socioeconomic ladder.

There was a very large economic boom that occurred in Latin America during the late nineteenth century. In Mexico specifically the economy grew nearly ten times over in a matter of a few decades. Brazil virtually had a monopoly on coffee exports and Cuba dominated the sugar market. This is only to name a few incredible economic success stories but as a whole the international trade marketplace for Latin America was a huge success. Unfortunately this was a limited story for the individual citizens only
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This led to conflict with Mexico and caused difficult relations with the Mexican government for a period. Also in the interest of maintaining a grip over European powers the United States also intervened in the issues between Cuba and Spain. This resulted in strained relations for even the next century between the United States and Cuba. Sadly a greater problem loomed on the horizon for many Latin Americans. In the 1920s the U.S. Stock Market would plummet inciting more turmoil in the land. The decreased need for exported goods would dramatically affect all of Latin America and governments would be toppled and a more pure sense of liberalism be