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The late adulthood stage is a time of reflection on viewing accomplishments and goals achieved for some adults that are happy, or a view back in time to see that there life was a waste and regret to themselves. In a persons lifehood, they would have either reached integrity or despair by the time they start to reflect back in the events that took place in their life, in their late adulthood stage. In the case of Sir Winters, a male, of age 87, whom has reflected back in his life and knows whether he is in integrity or despair. Sir Winters, born on June 10, 1926, is a veteran of World War II. Was a teacher of Chemistry and Physics for several years. Lastly, still happily married to his wife for 66 years. Sir winters has reflected back to the war, his own accomplishments and what is left for him. A main moving moment for Sir Winters, was when he serviced the 509th composite group and experienced to see whom dropped the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II. This reflects integrity because it is a view of a goal being achieved but ending the war against japan, it was sho...
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