Last days

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Robert was nearing Matthews’s door when Carla and Alison was walking up the road. He waved at the two girls and knocked on the door, waiting for Matthew to open it.
“You okay, now?” Robert asked Alison, whilst waiting on the small doorstep, and trying not to look like, a love-sick-child in front of her mum.
Alison nodded and smiled.
Matthew was up to something she thought, as he opened the door, beckoning the visitors in, and giving Alison a quick wink, before closing it behind them.
The narrow hall had not changed, Alison noted as they walked past the array of school books and music sheets that seemed to be getting higher on each visit to his home. Carla did not say anything, just looking at the bachelor pad like a nightmare, the temptation to clean suddenly coming to her, as she brushed her hand on a shelf and removing a pile of dust, which floated in the air and landed softly on the floor.
“Mind your step,” he warned, as they climbed the narrow stairs and entered the spare room, with Robert looking aghast at the guitars that this man had in his possession. Even Carla smiled, as she plucked a blue guitar on a stand, making Matthew look at her expecting her to jam.
“So when can we expect to see you playing one of these things?” Carla asked, as Matthew blushed.
“I was hoping pretty soon at the Felix, if you’re not doing anything over the next few weeks,” he replied looking at Carla who was blushing too. “Mickey and Slasher are dying to meet you, they promised they’d be on their best behaviour if I took you out with us one night,” he smiled, as he closed the door, and making Alison look happily at Matthew. He was certainly changing his path she thought, as she continued to watch the warrior with interest.
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...munication room, and with the four sitting on chairs in the corridor, stood up, and followed the round barrelled man to the cells.
They were not allowed to enter the dreary unit, however, not caring to, when hearing the doors banging harshly, and giving Alison a fearful shudder. The enforcer came towards them sooner than they hoped with an apologetic look showing on his red wrinkled face, and shook his head regretfully.
“She refuses to help, told me to tell Fenfold to do the dirty work himself,” he shrugged, and making everyone else sigh annoyingly
“Did you tell her we were here?” Carla asked as the enforcer went to walk away.
“Not too sure,” he admitted as he turned to look at Carla’s downtrodden face, and sighed. “Come on, you talk to her, maybe a pretty face can change her mind,” He smiled as he looked at Alison and Carla, and opened the doors to the unit.

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