Last Resort Essay

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Last Resort:
The principle of last resort is a proponent of international law, article 2(4) of the UN charter states, ‘the prohibition of the use of force’, (Gray, 2004, p.5). Force should be limited as last resort; therefore, all peaceful options should be used before the use of force. In addition, Michael Walzer agrees with international law. He conveys that, ‘one always wants to see diplomacy tried before the resort to war’. War under the just war principle can be acceptable under the principle of ‘last resort’ (Walzer, 2006, p.84).Walzer conveys that there are always peaceful alternatives available for the prevention of warfare. It is evident by the Security Council; a nation has the right to ‘defend itself, by a discriminate and proportionate use of force as last resort’ (Rychlak, 2004, p.10). The principle of self-defence has been used in modern diplomacy to declare wars. After the 9/11 attack, there was a growing conspiracy upon Iraq holding WMD. Bush feared that Iraq could be a major threat to the US, thus put forward a case for imminent intervention. Due to Iraq’s previous history of attaining WMD during the Gulf war, there were questions upon whether Iraq is a grave threat to global economy. It is noted that the UN set out resolutions to provide peaceful conditions that Iraq had to comply with. However, Iraq failed to comply with resolution 678 and 687, due to the recent knowledge of attainment of WMD. It is argued by Peaceright activist Rabinder (2002) Singh QC and Janet Kentridge (2002) that ‘Iraq’s alleged failure to comply with all or any of the existing 29 UN security Council resolutions would not justify the use of force’ (Shiner.P, AND Williams. A, 2008, p.21). They argued that US is using old resolution to pursue...

... middle of paper ... to date found no evidence that Iraq has revived its nuclear weapons since the elimination of the programme in 1990’ (White. D. N, 2009, p. 48). Therefore, it can be argued that intervention on the basis of WMD is not justified and there were no weapons.. There was no attack from Sadden Hussein and no weapons were found.. Many just war theorist argued the war against Iraq. They sought that the principle of last resort did not ‘meet the set conditions’ (Romaya, 2012,p.24). Inspections were placed to enable peaceful alternatives, if inspections were carried fulfil, it would have prevented the intervention of Iraq. Therefore, it can be evaluated that all peaceful measures to prevent the Iraq war were not follow through, the concept of last resort is able to be manipulated. Therefore, under the principle of just war and international law, the Iraq war is inadequate.

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