Las Vegas Descriptive Essay

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Las Vegas, the city known for their flashy strip and gorgeous hotels, is one of the most sought out cities in the world. Idolized for their outrageous parties and extravagant conventions, was definitely on my “places-to-go” list. For years my parents preached about how they would take me, but those promises weren’t kept. It was a series of spontaneous events that help push me toward my sought out destination. Entering in the fall of my freshman year in high school, I was somewhat reluctant to start school again. I had done nothing all summer, all I ever did was wake up and glue myself to the couch. I felt like I had wasted three months and was not prepared to take on responsibilities. I needed a vacation to take my mind out of this box…show more content…
It was a Friday, so of course the city itself was buzzing, but we were able to get to our hotel in a timely manner. We stayed at the Mandalay Bay, one of the finest hotels on the strip. The suit was fully equipped with two fifty inch plasma screen TV’s in each room, one two-bed bedroom, a full bathroom with shower, and a kitchen/bar area. We stayed on the 35th floor; our suit had an awe-inspiring view of the entire strip. We had food service ordered to our room. I had this wonderful lobster tail dinner with sautéed asparagus and crisp cut fries. It was amazing and sent me right to sleep. On Saturday morning, we woke up to a lovely brunch and set out to explore the Strip, taking in the sun and the overall atmosphere of Las Vegas. We popped in and out of the hotels along the strip. One store was the Eminem factory. Walls were lined with Eminem dispensers and classic merchandise to attract the eye of the customers. Massive Eminem plastic figures greet you when you walk through the door. After enjoying the fun and creativity of the Eminem store, we went out on the streets, visiting street vendors and watching street performers dance around us. I was really enjoying the overall experience of walking the strip. We ended our night by seeing the last showing of The Lion King. The Lion King was always my favorite childhood movie, now that I had seen the musical; my love for that franchise increased…show more content…
That is until we were on our way back home! Early Monday morning around 6:00 am, we were on our way out of the hotel with our entire luggage on one cart. As we proceeded out the doors, an man who appeared to be in his 20’s, ran up and snatched Nick’s backpack, which had his IPad in there too. It happened so suddenly, I had seen the man from outside the hotel but I didn’t suspect anything. As he snatched Nick 's back pack, I had a pretty good chance of sticking my leg out and tripping him. But I was not there in the moment, mentally and I let my opportunity slip through my hands, or my feet rather. Luckily, police tracked down the thief and arrested him for robbery within the next thirty minutes. It was traumatizing for a moment, because we didn’t know if he had a weapon or not, but it was a very interesting experience. Las Vegas, now home to one of the best weekends of my life, can never be underestimated. It is still a thriving economic city that has its vices. It is not all fun and games out on the streets all day and all night. It teaches you no matter how much fun and joy a situation can bring you, it can be snapped within the split second. Now I’m more prepared in life and will be more alert the next time I’m in Vegas. But, what happens in Vegas, stays in

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