Lars : A Social Interaction

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Lars is a 27-year-old male that lives alone. He suffers from tics that seem to get worse during social interaction. He is very quiet, often not responding when spoken to. He lives next door to his brother and sister in law. He keeps to himself by refusing social interaction with coworkers and family. After a coworker shows him an online site that sells sex dolls, he orders one. Then he has an elaborate delusion that the sex doll is a woman named Bianca he met online and has a relationship with. His brother and sister in-law convince him to bring “Bianca” to see a doctor for a check up. The doctor explains to his family that he is having a delusion and they should go along with it. She explains they will not be able to convince him otherwise and after trying to convince him his brother goes along with the delusion and asks the townspeople to do so as well. This continues until Lars finds the healing he was seeking and then “Bianca” gets very sick and dies. This is when Lars no longer needs her since he has been able to bond with actual people in his life. Two diagnoses that I would consider giving Lars is Schizoid Personality Disorder or social anxiety disorder since they both explain his distress from social interaction and his tendency to avoid social interaction. I would rule out social anxiety disorder since he is not anxious about the interactions he is just indifferent. One of the symptoms of Schizoid Personality Disorder is a pervasive pattern of detachment from social relationships this can be seen in the movie when his sister in law Karin invites him over to her house for meals. He says that he will join her and then doesn’t. His brother expects this behavior to the point that he bets his wife $5 that she will not be abl... ... middle of paper ... ...e town showed their love for Lars by giving him what he needed. It was very interesting to see his delusion, there was a part of me that wondered if those suffering from delusional disorder truly believed the delusion or if a part of them knew it wasn’t real. I can see now that they see it as absolute truth. I can see now why a person may develop delusions and how it may play out. The depiction of the personality disorder was done very well. I was able to see the difference between Schizoid Personality Disorder and Social Anxiety Disorder very clearly, before watching the movie I was confused how they differed. Most of all I learned how well a community can care for someone with mental illness when it isn’t stigmatized. My husband shared with me the story of a town in Belgium where the residents take in those with mental illness so they can be part of the community.

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