Larimer County

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One would think that after almost 23 years that I would lean that Larimer County Social Service is not always there to help. They don’t always help with food for homeless families, or families that 1 parent is a full time student; furthermore, when a child or children is being abused their abuser sometimes get away with it; finally, they want child support from the non-custodial parent. I know that not everyone has the experience that I have had, but there is people out there that have the experience as I have. When they told me that I will not receive food stamps, I asked why when I am trying to help myself get a better life. The reason they told me was, “That if I go to school full time I will not receive food stamps; if I go less than full time I can receive food stamp”. I would think that going to school to better myself they would help. There is times that I believe that if I was from a country they would help me. After going and talking to a case worker, and she told me that I will not receive assistance. I became angry and told her what I thought about that rule, for she told me that she did not understand either why it was like that. She also told me that it was unfair that they treat people like that. The only way to change the laws about full time students receiving assistance is to petitions to the law makers. Furthermore, social service is supposed to be there to help abused children, but I would beg to differ. When my first husband beat my daughter with a paddle with a ball, she was bruised from the middle of the back to almost her knees. After going the police to show them all the bruises that were on her, the police took pictures and reported. They also contacted social service to report the abuse. The abuse was... ... middle of paper ... ...still thinks that I should pay him child support. With all that said, people will start to understand how Larimer county social service has treated me over the years, and are still giving me problems. If I did not need the food stamps to feed my family, I would not even deal with them. I know that I’m not the only one that has had problems with them. People think that social services is there to help, but they don’t know the whole store. When it comes to dealing with them about food stamps, child abuse, and child support, they make me feel like I’m not taking care of my family, when I have done everything that I can for my family. There were times that I have worked 2 jobs just to take care of them, and I did not receive assists. I would think that with me being a full time student and trying to better my life, they would help me. So that I can get off their system.
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