Large College Campuses vs. Small College Campuses

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There are a large amount of colleges to choose from. Students start looking at college at around the junior year of high school. There are so many things to think about when choosing which college to attend and one being the size of the campus. Each student has their preference on size. Attending a school with a large campus or small campus has both negatives and positives. Even though going to a large college campus or a small college campus have their own individual benefits, they have similar qualities that can make the decision a bit harder for students to choose between the two. Both type of campuses offer social opportunities even if it is in different ways. Also even though the type of division of the school differs, both type campuses still offer sports. The quality of a certain program doesn’t even depend on the size so both types can offer a great program such as a great nursing program. Also both types of campuses vary in location so if a student wants to live in the city of in a rural area either type of campus would be available to them. Though both type of campuses ...

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