Language in Arthur Miller's The Crucible

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Language in Arthur Miller's The Crucible

One aspect of 'The Crucible' that is really Important is the way that

Arthur Miller writes, and the language that he has used. His style is

rather simple, with simple sentence structure on the whole, and quite

simple vocabulary, he wanted to keep everything simple in this way in

'The Crucible', to prevent focus being taken away from the plot and

the problems that the characters were facing with each other. So

Miller does keep it all simple, however at the same time Arthur Miller

has managed to create his own dialogue.

Being set in 1690's, it would be natural for the people of Salem to

speak old English, but he knew that to write an effective play that

people of a modern world would have to understand all that is said,

and for this reason he created a unique language of his own, that

sounds quite like old English, but is easy to understand.

Arthur Miller uses a number of Literate devices in order to make his

play interesting, relevant and understandable, such as by linking

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